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I’m Jane. I live on a small farm in West Cornwall in the far southwest of England. It’s a magical land of ancient stone circles and standing stones. I love to be in nature, so I feel very blessed to have manifested living in this beautiful place.

I’ve been building and managing websites since 2010. As I’d never built a website before I learned ‘on the job’! It was a fun process and I’m still learning and loving it. All the websites I build are based on WordPress which is a simple, jargon free, way to achieve sites that work and look good. The plugin system means that the possibilities are endless. I’m still exploring them!!

Over the years I’ve also created short, inspirational movies one of which revolves around Pierre Pradervand’s words in his book ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’. In 2012 Pierre invited me to manage his website of the same name and I’m still doing this.

I’m in my more ‘mature years’ so if you’re looking for young designers and big, complicated websites then you need to look elsewhere! If you’re looking for someone who will listen to your needs and keep things simple and jargon free then maybe I’m the right person for you. Please do get in touch.